Jody creates superhumans, not supercomputers. Rather than teaching humans the right buttons to push, she uses cognitive computing (AI, AR/VR, robotics, sensors, etc.) to make tech understand humans. The resulting tools dramatically extend, augment, and amplify human abilities and are as easy to control as our own bodies. She might read too much Batman, but in her 23-year design career, Jody has created just about everything from AI and holograms to robots and R&D. Her most notable work includes UX design for DARPA’S Big Dog, Principal Experience Designer on the HoloLens Project at Microsoft, HMI for Toyota’s AiCar, and Director of Design for Singularity University Labs. Today, as CEO of Superhuman-X, she is working to define the future of human-machine interface (HMI) through radical inclusion by leveraging brain-machine interface, sensors, robotics, AI, and AR/VR. She travels around the world speaking about the future of these technologies and their impact on humanity as faculty at Singularity University and for groups like WIRED, Google, and TEDx.

Jody is also a practicing fine artist. She has an MFA from San Francisco Art Institute, teaches at Calfornia College of Arts, and has exhibited across the United States from New York City to Los Angeles with big pieces in tiny little galleries and a tiny piece in the Smithsonian. She is a founding artist of the art crew Five Ton Crane and continues to collaborate with the group on large scale artworks.

She can be reached at jody@superhuman-x.com or on Twitter @nothelga.